How can I convert videos to a smaller size without losing quality?

Altamash Brag
17 replies


Ash Carey
Video compression software like Wondershare UniConverter can be a trusted tool to work with.
Altamash Brag
@ash_carey Thanks, I will try this one
Donald Dude
You can experiment with the VLC video compression option.
Altamash Brag
@donaldyyy Thank you for your suggestion; I'll give it a shot.
Tom Brat
The problem is that you can't compress the video completely without losing even 1% of its quality.
Jennifer Laura
There is no method to compress video without sacrificing quality, but you may compress it and make the quality loss imperceptible.
Altamash Brag
@jennifer_123 Thank you for your contribution.
Beaufort Caron
This is determined by how the videos are already encoded. They're probably encoded in h.264, which means you can't actually decrease the file sizes smaller without sacrificing quality.
Altamash Brag
@beaufort_caron Your point of view is valuable and thoughtful.
Inam from Outgrow
Upload on canva and download from canva, will solve the problem
I recommend Canva, it works for us.
Altamash Brag
@firmao_net I will definitely try this.
Daniel Engels
how long are your videos?
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