How can a business get more customer reviews and testimonials?

Elena Cirera
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Give trial, run a lifetime deal, do promotion, give extra bonus/features and so on.
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Build a great product. Ask customers for feedback!
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Ask and you shall receive. If you're freshly started, make sure that you conversate with EVERY buyer of your product. They must be your ambassadors, not just your purchasers. Ask for feedback and you'll get it.
Hussain Effendi
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@iampascio I totally agree with that! Probably the easiest and most genuine approach.
Elena Cirera
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@iampascio @heffendi Like increasing sales, the business should deliberate efforts to collect customer reviews and testimonials.
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@iampascio there couldn't be a better more precise explanation than this!
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In response, I would recommend you check out this 3-minute roadmap by TechinAsia on scaling your business : - Get the right talent and funding, and look for ecosystems that support companies with training, co investment and accreditation schemes - Secure strong partners and connections to build your business network - Choose a base where setting up and incorporation is well streamlined Watch more:
Hussain Effendi
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So here's an interesting coincidence. Recently picked up this book called "Influence- the Psychology of Persuasion" By Robert Cialdini He defines the weapons of influence, and once such weapon is what he calls "Reciprocation" This can be easily applied to your question. As the other folks have pointed out very rightly; all we need to do is build a great product, give great service and then simply ask users when engaging with them to drop in their genuine feedbacks. In exchange for your amazing product and service, I don't see any reason as to why a user would deny to do the needful ;)
Dawn Veltri
@heffendi This book is next on my list!
Hussain Effendi
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@dawn_veltri1 Do share some suggestions for me too :)
Dawn Veltri
@heffendi I'm currently reading Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life. It's good!
Elena Cirera
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@heffendi @dawn_veltri1 Alchemy by Rory Sutherland looks like a good book; the title is catchy. I am attracted to this book. Dawn, your choice of books is excellent!
Hussain Effendi
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@dawn_veltri1 Awesome then, they are going on my list for sure :)
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During customer service, you can suggest this and ask the customer to good review.
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@elena_cirera Hi Elena! As suggested by @bogomep, you can directly ask your customers for feedback. And to increase your chances, warn them they'll soon receive a survey. Take Intercom. I recently received this email. They informed me I was about to receive a survey "in the next few weeks." It elegantly tells WHY it's important and HOW the team uses your feedback. And bonus point: it shows WHAT the survey will look like. Getting feedback from users is challenging, yet it's vital to improve a product. Warn your users they'll soon receive a survey to increase your chances. Hope it helps!
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In my opinion, buyers should be really asked for their opinions and thoughts on the goods. Customers should be given thorough demonstrations of the product's functionality.
Teekay Rezeau-Merah
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Build a great product, make sure your customer service is second to none and don't be afraid to ASK for reviews. Rewards work well, I used to review products for 10$ amazon gift cards and loved it, only gave genuine reviews. Most products were actually amazing so it was pretty easy.
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Some of the most prevalent ways to get more customer reviews for your business are: 1. Ask your customers. Yes, they method may seem simple, but it is the most effective way to increase the total number of reviews for your business. 2. Make the process of posting a review for your customers as simple as possible 3. Offer your customers small incentives or giveaways for posting good reviews for your business, but do not make a mistake to buy them 4. Always thank your reviewers personally for taking their time out and posting a review
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Think these mentions are about as good as you can get in my opinion! - Build a great product / service - Talk to everyone early on and take all constructive criticism and apply it when able - Use automations (Zapier or otherwise) to auto-send requests for feedback/reviews/testimonials - Provide incentives for completing these requests *honestly* (i.e. gift cards, discounts for next month, etc) - Build loyalty / reward program that offers incentives for completing certain tasks (X points for testimonial, X points for following on Twitter, etc)
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Each customer you acquire is valuable reach out to them directly by showing appreciation and empowering them as they should be at the driver seat of your business - My thoughts :)
Sooraj Divakaran
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Make product reviews or testimonials a by-product of the purchase process. Amazon does this by asking you to review a book purchase post a week or two after purchase. They know that you most likely would have read the book a week or two post-purchase. The folks at Neilsen Norman Group call this readware. Similarly, you can define the core capabilities that you're platform has and trigger the emailer asking for review once the customer has used all of them. If they are hesitant to share a review, tell them how it will help them (like we will feature your brand and your photo on the website, promote it on social media, etc.) Most folks are ultimately looking at building their own personal brand. You can also add other hooks like for every review your company gets; you will donate a small sum to a local charity or NGO. You can also provide them with add-on features if you don't want to spend additional funds. Patagonia makes people feel less guilty by donating 1% of sales to preserving and restoring the natural environment. If it is for a good cause, why would someone say no?
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Put your reviews front and center. Consider placing a couple of reviews right on your homepage.
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Get on the same sites as your customers. Follow up with buyers. Ask the right questions. Run a contest. Reward those who review.
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Paying people of course. Or you can host an event where people can test out your product (and there's lots of free food)
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untuk langkah pertama tentunya harus di bantu SEO agar bisa naik trafik dan dari produknya pun harus mendukung dari kualitas dan promo yang berlaku . contoh seperti saya bermain di situs terpercaya neon4d dengan berbagai promo yang menarik diberikan dan membuat pelanggan respek dan mengulas tentang apa yang ada di dalam situs terserbut dan testi tentang pelayanan situs tersebut.
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Build a community that cares about your mission. Share knowledge and show you're authentic. Here are some tips: 1. Identify your audience 2. Understand the problems that audience face 3. Help them by sharing knowledge 4. Open it up for other members to share knowledge and help each other 5. You know have a Minimum Viable Community 6. People will now start signing up for your product / service 7. Ask them for reviews and testimonials every once in a while Here's more information -
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@dhruv_bhatia Thank you for sharing excellent information!
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Depends on the kind of reviews you are seeking to get, if you are looking for Capterra or other SaaS marketplaces reviews you can contact them and ask for help with your review collection strategy - you will be surprised on the incentives and giveaways they are willing to offer your customers in order to help you get more reviews. If you're selling products on eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon/Walmart they have special programs like Amazon Vine and other similar program.
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You'll need to send out an NPS survey asking for feedback. Take your promoters (those who score you a 9 or 10) and directly ask them to review you on Facebook, Google, etc.