How are you dealing with handling too much stuff?

Chen Friedman
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Hey everyone, What are your "secrets" to handling your tasks when you have a lot on your plate? I guess everyone has been in a situation where it's all pretty chaotic and you need to get it in order - so any suggestions, ideas, tools are more than welcome :)


Serdar Palaoglu
I take my red pencil out and strike out the things that are not important at the moment
Chen Friedman
@serdarplg it reminds me of a friend who was highlighting the important stuff with a marker when studying - in the end everything was highlighted though :D
Maxwell Davis
Iā€™m not really šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
Chen Friedman
@maxwellcdavis it's a daily struggle, isn't it?
Ivan Ralic
Any specific tools won't help you. Instead try to remove any distractions disabling you from getting into the Deep Work. Do one thing at a time, then checking everything from that list feels like a sprint, a game, constant dopamine shocks from things you care about instead of random red circles and sounds šŸ˜‚ Deep work takes time. Find a 6-hour part of your day when you are inaccessible. āžœ No meetings āžœ No notifications āžœ No nothing not related to your deep work focus
Chen Friedman
@ralic this is indeed one of the best things I've encountered on the topic - the deep work methodology. Thank you :)
Utku Uzun
I black coffee always gives me the enough energy and will to overcome those stuffs!
Chen Friedman
@utkuuzun aren't you getting anxious sometimes because of the caffeine? :D
Qudsia Ali
When I have a lot to do, I start with my favorite coffee by my side. I use 4D's of Time management to divide all my tasks. Then it becomes easier for me to do the most important tasks first.
Sandra Djajic
I prioritize the "big stuff" and tackle the overwhelming tasks first.
James Bond
I just run into my tasks, keep a cup of coffee with me, and don't leave my seat until I am finished (or if I am in need of another cup of coffee).