How a corporate person can leverage LinkedIn in their professional life?

Srishty Chaudhary
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Shivi Jalota
Build your personal brand - share and connect with your network. Don't ask for favours or sell anything build a relationship.
Maxwell Davis
Build a personal brand around the topics that you're interested in. Very few people actually post so just talking will help you get noticed a lot.
I think just being a good person that is authentic in who they are / what they believe, and telling the world about it can do a ton. As others mentioned, it helps with the personal brand (which is important for countless reasons), as well as creating opportunities out of thin air when one may least expect it, just because so many seeds were planted previously while putting in that work in posting / having networking chats / talking to people up to cool things (while simultaneously being up to 'cool' things yourself)
Srishty Chaudhary
@kmkmkm I absolutely second with you on this.