Hi everyone, want to meet and greet people here, tell my story and build my product with you!

Jev Bebnevs
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My name is Jev, I'm new in PH community and in startup/products/software world at large. Want to meet new people, get new knowledge and also share what brought me here. I have a finance background and for over 5 years have been working as a trader at an investment bank. Just over 3 month ago I've decided that I want to build something useful for people who think of joining stock market and help them avoid some costly mistakes. So have quit my job and on 1st of October 2021 put first line of code and started learning programming. It took me 139 days to get all my courage to go out public about it and hope you will be supportive and helpful. From my side, I will be glad to engage in small-talks, tell everything I can about the project and if you like, we can discuss some financial markets questions as well! I'm in European timezone, so right away, sorry for any delays in responses!


Hey @jevgenijs_bebnevs 👋 Welcome to Product Hunt community! So cool to know about your background and how you'd want to build something leveraging the experience. I'm interested to know about your 'learning coding' experience. Any resources you'd like to suggest?
Jev Bebnevs
@adityavsc Hey Aditya, thanks for the warm welcome. When it comes to learning experience, probably the most important part was to read a book called "Python programming: an introduction to computer science" by John Zelle. The thing is, I like to get to know fundamentals in the first place, to be able to understand the basic logic and concepts, and this book was indeed very helpful in that sense. So from a blank page that was the first step, and totally worth it. Next step, was to try out codeacademy, it was quite good at the very beginning to get syntax basics (for example I can't write proper JS from scratch myself, but I can get someone's code and then rework the code for my needs), with a smooth learning path, but then at some point complexity level just instantly jumps and I was not able to solve the tasks they had there . So I cancelled the subscription, but it taught me about StackOverflow and how to search for answers there. :D So the third step, was to start reading documentation with the help of StackOverflow (lots of people as SO give really nice suggestions about particular docs, so newbie like myself does not have to scroll and read every single part there). Lastly, I found PyPlane youtube channel extremely helpful. Also, read some really nice articles about databases, but did not save those.