Hey PH'ers, how do you plan your marketing strategies for SaaS platforms?

Dhiraj Gaikwad
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Ali Naqi Shaheen
The marketing of a SaaS product consists of two primary elements. The first step is to drive as much natural traffic as you can to your website. Then, you must successfully advertise and showcase your service. Your content marketing must be very strong.
Ivan Ralic
These are most common SaaS marketing channels: ➜ SEM ➜ Social and Display Ads ➜ Offline Ads ➜ SEO ➜ Target Market Blogs ➜ Content Marketing ➜ Speaking Engagements ➜ Offline Events ➜ Tradeshows ➜ Community Building ➜ Affiliate Marketing ➜ Existing Platforms ➜ Engineering as Marketing ➜ Viral Marketing ➜ Sales ➜ Business Development ➜ Unconventional PR ➜ Public Relations ➜ Direct Outreach ➜ Customer Engagement Pick at most 3 of them and start building the momentum 😄 Here's the good explanation for all of them. But when you choose a channel, you should definitely google it, brainstorm it, learn every hack there is for it, to leverage it for your purpose 😄
Elizabeth Obee
Start by looking at the buyer journey - where do your buyers learn / get influenced about solutions like yours? And what do they need to know to get interested / try / buy? This process, together with an assessment of any insights you have from early adopters, where your target audience is based (geography) and your budget will help shape your marketing strategies. It will help you identify the problems (gaps) you have in the buyer journey and help you ideate on strategies to solve them.