Helping Ukraine as a community of makers?

Daniel Wyrzykowski
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The first month of war is behind us and already three million people had to flee their homes. Thousands of people and animals died. Hospitals, airports, schools were destroyed. I think initial response to this humanitarian crisis has been absolutely great - a true win of humanity. However, I'm worried that when the first wave of emotion subside people will kind of move on and forget. I’ve been thinking a lot about building something sustainable, something that will continue to fund humanitarian aid for the weeks and months to come. And I think we can come together as a community of makers to do so. Let’s imagine we have a service, where for a monthly donation to the cause, the donor gets a bunch of apps, SaaS services, etc. That way we can provide ongoing support for the people in need and keep providing value for the donors. I have already started with a simpler version - a simple fundraiser with one-time payment and we got 10+ apps on board, including UNUM, Bear, plus apps created by teams in both Ukraine and Russia. I think there is a lot of potential to do good here. I’m curious what you think and if you would like to join?


Chris Messina
I definitely support the idea of a sustained, ongoing "set it and forget it" approach to supporting the people of Ukraine during this crisis. What if you could contribute a portion of your Setapp (or similar) subscription fee to such a cause? 🤔
Mirton Bay
I think the war in Ukraine touches and concerns the whole world. So any initiative that supports Ukrainian people is great. I've recently got to know about the project that is aimed to help Ukrainians. The guys offer to transform your old car into military or medical vehicle. This can save lives. So I think it's a great idea.
Anna Frost
This is a great suggestion, Daniel! In times of crisis, unity becomes a powerful force for change. By supporting Ukraine with the help of we show the best of humanity - compassion, empathy and commitment to justice. Let's make sure that our efforts today lay the foundation for a peaceful tomorrow where conflicts are resolved through dialogue and cooperation, not through violence and oppression.
gill richardson
Is there a way we can help Ukraine now?
Alexia Gold
Of course, we can help. The war is not over and cities have been destroyed.
Nick Bess
I suggest looking for various projects in Ukraine. There are organizations that do their best to unite the business, tech and creative community to rebuild their country and support people. Also, it has to be noted that businesses are going through the hard times right now. I've recently read about the center diia business in lutsk aimed at supporting the entrepreneurial community, helping startups, carrying out business events, etc. If someone is looking for interesting projects, you can check out this organization. As far as I know, there are many great IT specialists among Ukrainians.