Help us select a tagline for our product.

Pritam Nanda
12 replies
We are launching Findz in a few weeks. Findz is a tool that lets you create groups and collect bookmarks, locations, contacts, photos, videos, audio, documents and files (i.e., your finds) effortlessly with friends, family and colleagues to plan vacations, schedule events, shop, and more; even when you are offline. What do you think would be the best tagline for Findz?


saif khan
Hey @pritam_nanda92 I feel the 1st one is simple and decent :)
Pritam Nanda
@hedgefib Thanks a lot for helping us choose a better tagline. 🙌🏼
Satyendra Sahani
Pritam, 1st one is good. But I still feel it is not delivering the whole context. How about this - Plan, Schedule, and bookmark all your collectibles with your friends and families in one place. I know, it is longer than required. See if you can short this down.
Pritam Nanda
@satyendra_sahani Awesome. Thanks for this suggestion.
Ulan Abdurazak
+ to 1 option. But feels like it's missing some context. Here you're talking about sharing almost everything eg. files, contacts
Pritam Nanda
@ulan_abdurazak I understand that for most people bookmarks and links are used synonymously. Thanks for your feedback.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
Okay! Honest advice- When I came across the poll options, I had an impression that Findz only has something to do with "bookmarks". But when I read the explanation above, it was a whole new world! Man, I have done some copywriting and your product really intrigues me from the POV of a customer. But the taglines (either of them) fail to do justice to the versatility Findz offers.
Pritam Nanda
@vanshika_chaturvedi I appreciate your honesty. Thanks for your detailed feedback. We need to dig deeper, it seems!
David Babins
Food for thought, a mix of twistable ideas, further brainstorming, can always help... :)