Help. Findz needs an awesome tagline!

Pritam Nanda
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Findz is a collaborative bookmarking tool to get on groups, and collect bookmarks, locations, contacts, photos, videos, audio, documents and files effortlessly with friends, family and colleagues to plan vacations, schedule events, shop, and more; even when you are offline. Help us select a tagline from the list. Any suggestions beyond the options is welcome. Here's the link to Findz' Ship page:


Saqib Ali
Collaborate without limits!
Nupur Mishra
How about 'Collect. Share. Repeat' ?
Pritam Nanda
@nupur_mishra Thank you for thinking through this. It seems you are really passionate about productivity apps. It would be great if you could check out Findz and share your feedback. Here's a preview:
Abhi S
Collect, Collaborate, Communicate has a nice ring to it :)
Pritam Nanda
@awbcer Thank you for your opinion. Its would be lovely if you could check out Findz and let us know what you think. Here's the link the Ship page for your convenience:
Rachit Nigam
"Collect, Collaborate, Communicate" is easy to convey and rhymes well. Some more options are below: "Friends, family, and colleagues. Together we find it." "What you bookmark belongs to everyone."
Pritam Nanda
@rachit_nigam Thank you for your suggestions. If Findz interests you as a product, you can know more about it here:
chair shop
You would get your desired product at site page easily
Iya Mendoza
Besides the last option, here are few things I have in mind - Save when you need them. - Look back without a hassle. - Keep it saved.
Pritam Nanda
@iyamendoza01 Thanks for your suggestions. They are quite crisp and meaningful. Findz is as much about saving as it is about collaboration. If you like testing new products like me, you can get yourself an early preview here: Thanks
Christian C
like bookmarking with friends more - give me a better idea of what it does in 3 words