Have your efforts to manage your time taken up more of your time than your actual work?

Rucha Joshi
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Some days I have lost precious execution time on planning, organising tasks, looking for the perfect tools, creating spreadsheets. Maybe I was not doing something right. Any tips or similar stories?
Yep, at times
Not really
Can't relate


Alina Ihnatiuk
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Hey! Yes, unfortunately, getting the time right is sometimes a difficult task.
Rucha Joshi
Product Design + Research
@antonovna right! Especially when working in a very fast paced digital maker space. Priorities do change quickly and at some points the time spent optimising tasks and management could have just been spent building.
Archisman Das
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I keep aside 2 hours of my time on Monday mornings to plan the week. I find it is easier to execute if you have granular level clarity on what needs to be done and how. But yes, it is also easy to fall in to the trap of over-indexing on planning.