Have you re-watched Game of Thrones after the final season?

Arttu Helke
12 replies
For being THE best series of all time for so long, I feel GoT has no re-watching value due to it's poor ending. I also think this semantic applies to product design and management. Do you agree?


Aino Valtonen
Not yet. Maybe sometime in the future, although I cannot argue about the poor ending.
Venla Kärkimaa
Nope, not yet, cause I'm still a bit mad about the ending. I might re-watch it in the future but now not enough time has passed. #toosoon
Pasi Isomäki
I must admit - I am a novice on watching GOT. I haven't watched the last 2 seasons at all, and now on january just started the whole show from the beginning. I have heard that the last season is a disappoinment though :/ Luckily I have saved myself of ALL SPOILERS. :)
Johannes Karjula
I will not watch it again. Even I am a big fan. That thing is related to customer experience: peak and the end -rule. Google it!
Aki Honkala
Believe or not, I've not watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. But I think it applies to products and services also, if something you've been loving suddenly stops delivering the value, it is hard convince you to come back even after ravamp.
Kim Salmi
I have not re-watched it, maybe if I had unlimited time at hand I probably would at some point for nostalgia reasons. It's quite tricky to deliver constant value, maybe even increasing value in a product. I thin subscription models only work if you deliver value constantly and the customer is loosing the value if they unsubscribe.
Ivan Vorobyev
Of course, it's my favorite show. I watched it from beginning to end. Except that while I waited for the last season I almost went crazy from waiting. But when the new season came out, I took my time watching it. I watched all the seasons first, starting with the first, because I had them downloaded from the pirate bay. I never regretted my decision once, because while I was waiting for the new season I had already forgotten some of the details and scenes from the previous seasons.
Not yet, I still haven’t accepted this disappointing finale I think aha
Olugbenga festus Ajayi
Very interesting and lesson learned
Lina Chu
No, last season completely ruin GoT for me, sadly(
Santeri S
I totally agree with both. As we say in Finland, pilalla.
Billie Rogers
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