Have you gone / are you going on vacation this year? Where? πŸ–

Martina Hackbartt
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If there is something I love... is talking about holiday destinations! πŸ™ πŸ– Us folks from the southern hemisphere need to wait a bit longer for our holidays, but I know some of you may be in summer at the moment. Have you gone on holiday already? Or maybe you're going soon? Where are you heading? This year I took a short break and went to Bariloche, in Argentinean Patagonia (the landscapes are beyond lovely). And I have plans to finally visit Europe next Summer (so, European winter!). Any tips?


Jakub Piskor
I was in Tuscany, Italy. It's a county for those interested in wine (especially red wine). 🍷
Leyla Aliyeva
Tuscany I love it is one of the best in Italy, the most beautiful landscape, historical towns, wonderful art, Italy’s best wineries, amazing food…..
Jimmy Spikes
I go to the west side of the island a coulple times a year and the smaller islands. PR
Rich Watson
Perhaps. Around thanksgiving I usually go out of state to visit family and either stay in the hotel where the casino's are at, or familys house, which both are right on the river. So it's a good getaway even though for onl about 3 days. but i'm fortunate where I live, have the beach, mountains, desert all within 30-120 minute drives from me, so can always pop out for a weekend somewhere nice
Martina Hackbartt
@richw Beach and mountains, all in one? Sounds like a great place to live!
Saurabh Wadhawan
I am off to Wayanad next month, this is a forest in the south of India, extremely beautiful in monsoons, and offers the closest possible natural sightings of Tigers and Leopards.
I've been in the Philippines since March, and am loving it. Heading to Scotland at the end of the week. The Philippines is one of my favourite places to visit. Great people, amazing sun, beaches, rainforests, coffee, skyscrapers, history, anything you want a vacation to be really. Did have an earthquake today which made me lose my shit but everything else has been top class.
Martina Hackbartt
@smcn Oh wow, is everything okay earthquake-wise?
Jeyse Konor
vacation... I don't even remember what it is anymore ) Sometimes I play slots here https://classic-slots.pt/ - at least some entertainment and distraction from what's going on around)
Akram Quraishi
I take weekends off. Go out of the city on a farmhouse. Relax with my kids in the pool.
Joanne Hurley
It takes a lot to beat Bariloche Martina, such a beautiful place. Im actually visiting Albania at the end of August for the first time so I'll report back.
Martina Hackbartt
@joanne_hurleyv1 Sounds wonderful! Are there beaches in Albania?
Gaurav Goyal
I am taking a break next month and traveling with family. Off to Goa, a beautiful holiday destination in India. Idea is to stay amidst nature.
France. Just got back. Wonderful time.