Have you ever managed employees older than you?

Daniel Engels
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You might be more qualified than your older collegues - but managing them requires some extra tact. What's your experience? How did it go?


Qudsia Ali
These are so many lessons I learned while managing employees older than myself. Being a manager is a tough but incredibly rewarding job, and if you have employees older than yourself, it's especially worthwhile to hone your management skills. Even if it doesn't work out perfectly every time, learning from each situation will help you to better understand how people of all ages react and respond to different managerial tactics.
Patter Brandonson
@qudsia_ali thats the fact the if it doesn't work you will learn something new. As we have older employee in our https://invisiblecharacter.net/c... and I am managing it. As I learn something new everyday. And learning how to handle different situations.
Dima Zubchenko
Oh yes. I think it is a matter of understanding what does this particular person wants. When you start from there you can manage expectations regarding their work more effectively.
Yuri Lisin
Indeed requires tact, but things get absolutely natural over the time
Andrew Philip
Treating everyone gently, giving respect to every single person no matter if he is younger than you or older, and creating a friendly working environment make you a better manager. The thing is that you should have an engaging and influential personality.
Evgeniy Yakubovskiy
Yes, I do have experience. First of all, it is the professionalism of the manager, and his young age is not a hindrance to that. Also, we should not forget about competence and politeness to senior subordinates.
Segun Ketiku
Honestly as a rule of the thumb for hiring people. I always ensure we hire in the youngins or same age group, can be older not more than 1-5years. This always helps. The problem with hiring someone way too old in the part I am from is that they are very entitled and see you as their younger one, so you will require extra effort to make things work with them.
Ezzat Suhaime
I am the older employee and :]
Nicole Ogloza
have 39 people on our startup team, and I am the founder/ceo and the youngest one!
Dow Osage, MBA
I'm on a team with +40 years between some of the members and I'm in the middle. I see the people at the ends sometimes taking the other less seriously because of age and find it fascinating that 1> they sometimes don't see the value each of them brings and 2> don't recognize the humanity of the other - meaning they sort of see the other as not as knowledgeable or valuable, or the other is to be sort of tolerated. As with other kinds of diversity, one key, I think, is recognizing we all have a crotchety older person and a wide-eyed kid dwelling within us, no matter how many trips around the sun we've made. Seeing the person, beyond all of their demographics, is what I think most people want and respond best to.
Samiya Ahmad
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