Have you ever done an Appsumo campaign?

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I’d like to have your feedback about the platform, what do you think about it? Is it worth it to do an AppSumo campaign? Have you had any good surprises? Or even discovered products thanks to this lifetime sales system? I'm looking forward to read you 👇


Johannes Karjula
No I haven't but I am very interested to hear experiences if someone has.
Graeme O’Connor
Never used it personally but heard they take quite a large cut and it's difficult for new/smaller apps to benefit since it's mainly the older/larger ones that get most of traffic
Arif Çağlar
Hi, we are making an Appsumo project, it is still active now. I want to say the last thing I want to say at the beginning, I definitely recommend it. If it's a new product, it's a great place to gather feedback and give direction to the product. It will also be a platform where you can earn serious income. Thus, you can create a resource where you can invest in the product.
We had first launched our product here in PH, with that we correct some errors, we did a much better product with PH feedback from people, and on MONDAY April 4th we will launch our campaign in AppSumo!!! Very excited about it, they offer great support and we hope that will be a blast.