Have you applied the Sprint in product management? What were the results?

Olivia Nguyen
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Recently I've just got to know Sprint method in developing products. I wonder if it is applied widely? in what field(s)? Any benefits/problems along the way?


Michael Silber
Product Lead at Product Hunt
The simple way I would think about this is: * I have a plan and need to stick to it --> Waterfall * I have a goal and I have some flexibility --> Agile/sprints * I have an ongoing queue of work or it's early days --> Kanban This chart from Lucidchart does a nice job of going into more detail to explain the different situations you would use the various methodologies.
Social Media Manager at Clever Ads
Hello Olivia! We have been using 2 weeks - sprint method in my team at Clever Ads and it's quite useful for organizing all the tasks and having a vision of how long each task is taking to be completed! I highly recommend it!