Has the Crypto Market bottomed in?

Andrew C.
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The market has seen some tremendous pullback. This weekend saw $17000 ish BTC low, that was one scary weekend. what are your thoughts, have the markets bottomed?


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Rami Najjar
No, I do not think so. The Crypto market is currently unstable and is following the general market sentiment with the stock market crash that seems to be ongoing. Furthermore, as a crypto trader and analyst, I would like to see another drop to 14k at least. Finally, when the market is trending downwards, most likely you won't catch the bottom, try aiming for good buys not perfect entries which are impossible. Maybe DCA if you do not have enough experience. Hope I was helpful. Good luck!
John Krammer
Cryptocurrency exchanges have not, in my opinion, declined. I've been employed with the stock exchange for a sizable period of time. https://www.binance.com/ It was challenging when I was first getting into the profession, but I persisted and worked at it, since I had friends who understood how everything worked and suggested this trade.
Kirman Smith
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