Has anyone tried minds social platform?

Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
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I was finding out some low tier social platforms (apart from insta, reddit, facebook etc) when I came across minds.com. Has anybody used it yet? They claim they pay for content creation. If you have been using this platform let me know some starting tips.


Daniela Passos
Sounds interesting, would like to learn more as well.
Aaron Scicchitano
@aarvy Hey I haven't tried this platform but you may want to checkout one we just launched. homepageapp.com Much more than social networking but we have that too. It quiets the noise of Social Media while still keeping you connected.
Hi, we are experimenting with a social app that leverages our actual working of minds. Our app is called @youremarks — we are solving issues inherent with text-based communication. To make it exciting and rewarding to the users, we have combined the goodness of @twitter and @hqtrivia and added more elements to achieve our objective. We are going live this weekend. I want to invite you guys all to explore what we have to offer and share your feedback.