Hard to find users for a niche SaaS for Azure Backups and D.R.

Francisco Martin
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Azure has many users but only a fraction of them use backups and site recovery (features inside Azure), I need to target that segment: companies using Azure Backups but I don't know how to go about it We have tried cold emails but it's very difficult (or we don't know how) find those users other than LinkedIn sales navigator. The same applies to hosting webminars, which we have done with little attendance (probably because of the same problem of finding the right audience) Some ideas are Google Ads, sponsored posts on specialised media, LinkedIn Ads, something else? I'd like to get some recommendations for best channels and more cost effective ways to make them aware of our product


Lynette Mandal
Focus on the persona (the Azure user) -- who is it, what is their title, where do they hang out online, what events do they attend, what do they read, who influences them? All those answers are channels.