Growing your community vs Growing your brand when launching ?

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Every start up I come across and support has the same challenges where you always try to grow a community very quickly or try push the brand on social media and paid ads ! There no wrong or right, there is only how to make the most of what you have ? And what you have, is you need to generate the leads for the community and to do this you need to brag about your product to people you may know or not ! It is like the dilemma of the chickens or the egg ? you can have both as the same time but with clear steps and vision, don't jump from one to another because it is not bringing results quick enough... good things take time! How are you building your community and creating a brand impact ? would love to hear from you and learn ? #startup #branding #community


Rosie Sherry
I think often community is confused with an audience, fandom or network. Startups and founders usually build an audience that then possibly turn into a community or network later on. I'd recommend starting with building an audience, as this leads to trust which you'll need for a community (if you choose to go that route). I hope that helps!
@rosiesherry thanks Rosie, fully agree with you on building an audience is a must and then turning them into a community is the next round ! I keep hammering this but people are mainly obsessed with community !
Rushikesh Kavathekar
Always, have a little more hearts and love towards Community.
Elena Cirera
I think initially, you need to build your community. You develop your network, trust and credibility, which can help you grow your brand.
@elena_cirera Thanks for sharing :) the aim is to make the distinction between the phase of growing your audience and then turning them into a community ! would you agree on this steps ?