Good place to find designer?

Jason Pullara
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Anyone know a good place to find a designer that would be willing to work with a bootstrapped saas? I can't afford $50k for an agency, but I need this work done and I need it to look good. Willing to pay over time or even offer equity/co-founder status if they're interested. Anyone know where I can look?


Raitis Velps
CMO@Corebook 💎 Marketing & Business Dev
Check out Dribbble. A lot of fantastic designers.
Sanaz Bidad
Product Designer
Dribbble or Behance :)
sr. ui designer
hi, if you are still interested. I would like to discuss the matter.
Shrutika More
Graphic Designer
Hi @jason_pullara you can find it on Behance and Dribble, Behance is basically where you will get all designers , and Dribble is where you will get specifically UI/UX designers
Ayush Shakya
Given the condition, you are willing to add in ideas and resolve some unresolved mysteries behind your product as a team. Let's first talk on problem solving, design can come later with us :)