Gm! Questions from a very confused Web3 startup founder...

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I am confused between looking to raise capital vs building a DAO and letting the community run by product. Any suggestions? My product is heavily dependent on influencers etc. do I pay them to become users? Or should I start off with small influences and build them while they build my product? My product for context is the Web3 version of Patreon, a decentralized membership platform where users can gain access to the exclusive content of their fav pages! PH link:


Rajat Dangi 🛠️
I understand the dilemma here. Paying the influencers to use the platform that is supposed to help them make money is obviously a bad move. It probably won't encourage others to follow the trend. And every new influencer who starts using your product would only be motivated by the incentive. On the other hand, looking to raise capital wouldn't move you directly in the direction of PMF. I'd suggest that you talk to existing Patreon users and creators who are active in the web3 community. And find that one or two make-or-break features that would compel them to use your product. Figure out why they would or would not use it. This will kickstart the growth, generate virality for the product (through invitations), and clear your path for DAO. You should also check InLoop (Launch a membership NFT for your community) by @arcoraven. I think of InLoop as an alternative to Patreon too. And maybe get in touch with their team to explore synergies.