From a user’s perspective, what is the most annoying thing about poorly designed User Interfaces?

Dennis Isaac
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When it is unintuitive or too complicated. Or when you can't do/buy something because the website doesn't work properly.
Neri Raanani
Unclear error messages - leaving me with no clue of what went wrong... Can make me go crazy.
Qudsia Ali
As a user, I would say too much clutter, non-clickable buttons.
Marko Jotić
As a user, when website blinks without any reason, and when content loading twice. 🙄
Aram Movsisyan
When the website is slow and there are too many pop-ups.
Ivan Ralic
Non-clickable things that look like they should be clickable 😅
Ayush Shakya
1. It adds up complexity layers. 2. Lacks instructive feedbacks, poor onboarding and guidance. 3. Poor color and font choice. 4. Misleading layouts etc.
From a user’s perspective, one of the most annoying things about poorly designed User Interfaces is that they are difficult to use. Users may find it difficult to understand or navigate the interface and may end up frustrated because they are not able to complete their tasks. Poorly designed User Interfaces can also lead to increased frustration and reduced productivity. If anyone wishes to create an amazing mobile application with great UI or redesign an existing one visit here: