Friday fun: How long is 1 startup year measured in standard human years? 😁 ⏳

Vedran Rasic
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Tweet by Roshan Patel @roshanpateI inspired me to do this: "I started a startup when I was 28 last year. I’ll be 37 this year." Can't stop laughing. Because it's so true & hilarious at the same time. 😂


Ivan Ralic
This is so true I hate it 😅
Vedran Rasic
@ralic I can't stop laughing... 😂
So funny and true!! I've probably hit mid life crisis in that case
Nicole Ogloza
110 hours a week, with less than 1 day off a year....quickly adds up ;)
Vedran Rasic
@nicole_ogloza you speak wisdom 😂 🙌 😍