Freemium support / help desk products?

Muhammad Usman
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I'm currently looking at a support tool, something that can help me manage incoming support tickets and reply in place. I'm looking at tools available and all have paid plans but no free tier. I'm hoping to find one that starts out free and if my product takes off, I'll be happy to pay for it, any recommendations?


Hugh Dawkins
Notion ambassador🧑🏽‍💻
Have you checked out HelpKit by @sobedominik
Jared Cornell
Customer Support Expert! ProProfs
If you are looking for a help desk tool to get started with your ticketing needs, I would recommend you go for ProProfs Help Desk( The tool offers a 15-day free premium trial so that you can explore all the features and functionalities you need. Later, the plans are also quite affordable and start as low as $10/agent/month.