Freelance platforms, do they need an update?

Axel M
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I believe current freelance platforms don't target properly creative freelancers. Blocks of texts everywhere, ranking systems that don't favor the creative freelancers, and no a decent way to display your portfolio. What do you think


Paul VanZandt
I'm not sure. We use UpWork frequently and don't find many issues with it, but I see how it can be hard to get noticed and hired through that platform. Do you think an overhaul is needed?
Axel M
@paul_vanzandt I think so, especially for creative freelancers like graphic designers, illustrators, 3d artists. I believe they need a more visual platform
Cameron Caldwell
Freelancers probably just can't fit into an algorithmic platform at all
Maxwell Davis
Tend to agree - hard to see the quality of a freelancer from what’s usually provided
Axel M
@maxwellcdavis Exactly, if you are looking for a creative freelancer the most important aspect to consider is their visual work. Current platforms don't do that properly
Qudsia Ali
We may have to wait a little longer for the freelance market to to adopt more modern trends, but this is most likely due to legitimate concerns about the quality of work that designers can produce.
Guillaume Mathieu
I believe the rating system of some platforms tends to push ratings more positive than they should be. Some platforms ask you to firstly rate your satisfaction, then the freelancer will rate you in return. If you are willing to keep on using the platform, you would like to avoid bad ratings, therefore even when you are not fully satisfied, you may want to avoid too negative ratings/comments that could backlash. This leads to connivance...