Founders, what were some of the processes you adopted to make remote work for your team?

Rucha Joshi
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Remote working models are great especially with the post pandemic circumstances, and recent productivity studies. Additionally, remote working, when implemented successfully, can bring great value as well. For some people, remote work suits perfectly well, and some people would still prefer working face to face. The important thing is to communicate the big picture; even better if you invite the employees to be part of this process. It creates a "we are here together" kind of culture, and people feel part of the transition. You can read more about remote work in an organisation here:
Rucha Joshi
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@antonio_moris Thank you for sharing
Jonathan Yan
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Hi @rucha_joshi8 ! At oVice, we design and provide access to customizable virtual spaces for our users where they can make them unique and their own while being able to interact with other users (co-workers, friends, networking purposes) who are also in their space, in real time! This definitely helps because it meshes the physical office and remote work environments and allows you to truly feel connected with your peers and collaborate effectively. You can check us out at and see how it works! :)