First time launching a B2B SaaS. Need suggestions and tips

sachin chandra
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Hi, community! I'm Sachin. Building a Multi-cloud compatible Machine Learning platform. We cater to businesses but want to share it with the community to get feedback on it. This is the first time I'm doing a launch and have been reading some materials on how to do it. Anyone who would like to hunt for us or can provide suggestions on basic things we need to have in place before the launch?


Qudsia Ali
Here are some points that can help you launch your b2b SaaS Business. 1. Increase the amount of money spent on Google Ads for desktop searches. 2. Create a library of screencasts. 3. Provide a free product trial. 4. Video testimonials from customers 5. List your firm on Capterra, G2 (previously G2Crowd), and the other software review sites. 6. Create review-specific landing pages to boost conversion rates from Software Review PPC ads. 7. Create material that compares your product to your competitors. 8. Create press releases about new features/offers and distribute them via the press wire, then promote them. 9. Create a private online user community. 10. Be a guest on industry-specific podcasts.
sachin chandra
@qudsia_ali Thank you so much. We are still at a stage of not generating revenues. So a bit skeptical on the Ad spend.
Fabian Maume
Are you interested in recommendations only for product hunt launch or also for other channels? I can hunt your product if you are interested.
ehsan ahmad.n
@qudsia_ali everything was perfect, just don't forget SEO, my recommendation: 1. pay attention to SEO-friendly content on your landing pages 2. Create a blog part and use freelancers to create content 3. learn about Backlinks 4. Good guest post can bring you real traffic, this traffic has a big potential to make customers for your website I think you must choose to spend your advertising money on Google Ads or guest posts, my recommendation is guest posts