First sale of my tiny productivity tool! Any tips to bring in front of the right audience?

Rupjyoti Nath
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Just got the first sale of a script (Apps Script) that I wrote which you can use to merge Google Docs & Sheets to create dynamic documents & PDF like internship certificates, job offers, & others. The way it's different from others is that you don't need to know Apps Script & you can work with any template & merge fields without code changes, hence I named Universal DocsFromSheets. Should I change the name ? Feel free to check out the launch Looking for opinions on how to market this small but efficient & helpful tool. I know it would be loved by people but finding difficult to bring it in front of the right audience. Even ProductHunt people didn't find that great because it didn't get much votes but maybe not looked by the desired audience!


Paul VanZandt
Hey Rupjyoti - congrats on the launch. It shows that you're really dedicated to creating new products and I think that's amazing! In terms of getting it in front of the right audience - it might be better to focus on students because they probably need more help with this? Also try reaching out to recruiters - they deal with a ton of onboarding, hiring, and resumes. If you're interested, we launched our online whiteboard app today and would love your support:
Rupjyoti Nath
@paul_vanzandt Thank you for the detailed response & feedback. Really appreciate it. Regarding recruiters, yes great point! Will reach out to them in LinkedIn. I just saw your product (upvoted as well), it's awesome! All the best.