Feedback wanted: Collect, manage and share your testimonials < what do you think?

Olly Meakings
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Testimonials can help your close more deals, convert more visitors and book more demos. But most founders aren't using testimonials in their sales and marketing funnels. That's why I've co-founded to help you painlessly collect testimonials. And then share them when and where you need them. I would love to understand if you currently collect testimonials, how you do so, and where you post them on your website (and elsewhere). Would love to hear your thoughts.


I think most people I have met use, it helps you collect these testimonials in a video and text format from various sources, I use it myself to collect Twitter testimonials
Damon Chen
Thought you have the vision, but you partnered with someone who said himself is a copycat 👎
Olly Meakings
@xianmingchen Hey Damon, I wasn't aware of that email and we won't send anything like that again. There is no denying that we were inspired by and your amazing #buildinpublic story. However, we think there is room for more products and more innovation in this space, and that competition gives users more choice. I know how it must feel because many people copied both conceptually and word-for-word, but as we both know there is a LOT more to building a business than the idea. Especially one as broad as 'social proof'. There are lots of other players in this space, and what's right for one, won't be right for everyone. I hope you continue smashing it with
Damon Chen
@helloitsolly I do really want to see your "innovations", hehe, but your tech cofounder just copied's existing features one after another, the most recent one is the embed code a week ago 🤮 I hope your relationship stays!
Sushil Sharma
Hey Olly, I do it manually right now for my website. You can check our testimonial page. But I added each testimonial with proof for better trust and credibility. I checked Senja and it's super easy to use.