Feedback on startup idea (Shopify app)

Terry Wingfield
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Hi all, The time has come for me to now share my idea! An idea with a working prototype! I suspect a little history will help, I'm a software engineer, primarily .net and I've worked in multiple startups, in fact, I'm currently in a startup now. Last year, I left my previous startup because the call of the wild took hold, I needed/wanted to build my own product to enable Shopify retailers to leverage "real" personalized videos in an automated fashion. Anyhow, I took 3 months off last year to start the idea, and the premise was really to understand whether: Can it be achieved, Any deep technical challenges, and most importantly could it be profitable. The answer was yes to all three! At the end of the 3 months, my savings ran out, so I took on a new dev job (current startup). With a working prototype, I decided to blog for a further 3 months to start the marketing journey! Whilst not seeing incredible results, the needle is shifting. I guess enough with the blurb. It would be super helpful if you could give me genuine feedback, from the landing page to the concept? Kanteneo, pronounced "Kan"-"ten"-"E"-"O" is an automated and personalized video curation platform based on events. Meaning Kanteneo will create videos on "new order", "new product", "email subscriber", "vip customer" and so on - delivered directly to the customers' inbox. As an example: When a new order hits Shopify, Kanteneo detects the order, finds the campaign, replaces any personalized fields with customer data, and then creates the video, which is then sent. Kanteneo will ship with an online video editor UI to apply effects, upload fonts, upload images, upload videos, and upload audio files. Not to mention, to cater to the smaller retailers, the system will offer free images, audio files, and video templates to make life a little easier. The platform exposes integrations to connect to popular email providers, and popular services (Recommendations, reviews, and loyalty programs) As a former shopify store owner, and at the time I really wanted the ability to send my customers personalized videos without the need to use the typical product image slide videos, and external platforms. Still to this date, it does not exist. So you could argue I'm scratching my own itch, just without the store, as I'm focusing on the day job, and Kanteneo by night. I'm hoping I can post links, here's the landing page: The prototype video is below, please note that UI is very rough, and does not include some features discussed above - still WIP - the app is not accessible to the public and does not demonstrate the delivery of the video to the customer (via email) //Secure cloud server In terms of scale/reach, this can be made available to wooCommerce, bigCommerce, and other eCommerce platforms. Looking forward to any and all feedback,


Daniil Andreev
When will be working prototype or live demo available ?
Terry Wingfield
@daniil_andreev Hi, I'm currently building a version as a publicly accessible demo, it should be ready in two months.