Feedback about my "Fake door test"

Yair Cohen
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Hello there! So I built a landing page for a product that does not exist but I think it can meet the needs of a lot of product designers. Designers today are very frustrated because they can’t control the end product. And working with developers - the implementation doesn’t match their design. Meet Cabina: Cabina is a platform for iOS & Android designers to modify the existing live code of their designs. Without developers. Built in the browser. From initial feedback, developers have already expressed concern that engineering team won't trusting this near their production codebase. The idea is that developers will review the code before merging into release. Please let me know what do you think! Thanks! Yair


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Love your landing page! Im neither a coder nor a designer..
Co Founder @trooprHQ
first page is good, then as you scroll down, it seems like too many too bright things in one page, a little distractive.