Favorite way to start the day?

Paul VanZandt
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I have a pretty cemented morning routine but I'd like to freshen it up a bit. Any suggestions on how to start your mornings off right?


Yuri Lisin
@conversionspree It is always interesting for me to know, what exactly people do, when saying the do meditation. Could you describe the process as it is for you?:)
@yuryfication start off by focusing on your breathes in a quiet place and taking deep breathes until you release worries and tensions out of you. It's simple as that, helps you stay positive.
Paul VanZandt
@conversionspree meditating is so good for you - great suggestion.
Raja Simon
@conversionspree Great what kind of mediation you do?
The 3 most important tasks I perform every morning are - Workout - Coffee - Last day analysis Workout & coffee feel me more active and excited for the day! and the last-day analysis gives me a clear idea for the next one!
Paul VanZandt
@kumar_sons_off I like analyzing yesterday as a means of optimizing today.
Luka Vasic
Nothing better than going to the gym first thing in the morning. Gets you excited to take on the day.
Paul VanZandt
@luka_vasic Definitely the best way to get your brain and body working for a successful day.
Philipp Stelzel
Cofee and taking a walk
Raja Simon
@philipp_stelzel This is more effective than others...
Petre Sosa
- Meditation - Workout / taking a walk / running - Coffee and a healthy breakfast - Start planning a task list
Nabeel Amir
I try to go for a morning walk every day, but I do some exercises at home if somehow I can not go. Morning walks are perfect, especially in parks.