Ex-Founders who have taken up full-time jobs, how has your life changed?

Rajat Dangi 🛠️
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Private Equity // Tech
I don't personally know any that have gone this reverse-route. All of the founders I know have sworn they would never go back in as an employee, unless it was C-suite level. The lifestyle change is just too drastic / being forced to work on things that *you* don't find personally important in moving the needle to the company. This is a great question though, I am willing to bet there are an extremely small number that fit this path, however. The ex-founder -> C-suite / operator route is something my project is solving, but it is more niche to larger-sized firms recently acquired by institutional acquirers. It will be challenging to maintain a community of these types of ex-founders/specialists, because, in my opinion, once you taste the freedom of working for yourself, you can never go back