Essential Steps for creating a new brand

rashi agarwal
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Good brand identity comes with great surprises for you and your business. But, it is not easy to build one for your business. The creation of a new brand will take lots of time, along with tremendous efforts. You have to do several works to give your brand enough strength and reputation in the market. Reputation brings lots of opportunities for growth and revenues in front of you.


Elena Cirera
These are five basic steps for creating a brand - Determine your target audience. - Research your competitors - Position your product and business. - Define your company's personality. - Choose a logo and slogan.
1. Create a product or service 2. Give it a name and a logo, as suitable 3. Start selling the product or service until people start remembering its name. Then, and only then, you will be starting to build a brand. Don't try to do it backwards (brand first, sales later). You will waste money if you do.