Engaging with early adopters

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How do you engage with customers who are early adopters?


Daniel Engels
You don't want to miss on this one. The right strategy would depend on your target audience. Specialized events and some manual LinkedIn outreach worked fine for me (dev tool, B2B SaaS)
Paul VanZandt
I think the best way is to have founders reach out to them personally via email (for people that are existing users). Reaching a new audience of early adopters is a different story.
Andrew C.
nothing feels better than the group admin or page itself replying to you comments. this is a highly effective, interactive way for building engagement and trust.
@andrewcanday ahh I'll remember that
Sergio Zaciu
I have an early-supporters Discord, get on regular zoom calls (sometimes 1:1 and sometimes in groups) and try my best to engage with them inside of our app as well. It's important for our early supporters to know how much I value their input and the time they give us.
@szaciu to make them feel like they mean a lot to me should always be a priority