Does your work finish on Fridays?

Yenire leal
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For many startups and those who belong to it, their work hours do not end on Fridays; it's something consecutive because they want to achieve their objectives or quickly test their ideas. What is your case?


Luka Vasic
For me, hard work ends on Friday, but even on the weekends I do a bit of work, but not as much as on other weekdays. And yes, I'm in a Startup haha
Yenire leal
@luka_vasic That's fine. And your weekend job is related to the startup?
Work never finishes on Fridays, weekends are to take a break but ideally catch up on work to start fresh on Monday (I did this as much in a startup as when I worked in corporations)
Lucian Tartea
Never but I work self employed. And I really enjoy what I do 😊
Ulrich Moutcheu
Like most startupers and freelances, our work is more driven by the objectives and not the time or the day of the week. So no, my work does not finish on friday and I am really trying to better my time management.
Yenire leal
@ulrich_demengam_moutcheu Good point. I think everything can be more efficient when you manage your time. Actually, I'm trying to fulfill a work plan, and it has been of great help.
Chris Sarca
Sometimes I get to enjoy the weekends, but if there is too much work, I can't seem to relax, even if I want to. 😅
Tariqur Rahman
Ohh no! You know we have an interesting rule. We say it big and little week. One week we have 6 working days and next week we have 5 working days. So it could be said I sometimes finish sometimes not.
Yenire leal
@rewachn Oh! Interesting. Do you set goals during the week?
Tariqur Rahman
@yenire_leal Yes. We must set a goal and write down in a sheet. Also should submit the weekly report.
Gurpinder Singh
Not actually. Sometimes I am working on weekends as well. A lot things going on!
Maya Ben Zid
No, I usually do some work over the weekend as well to make Mondays easier. So far, it's working pretty well.
Nathan Luke
To be precise, work does not finish on weekends. We just take break to regain the energy. 😪