Does your team use Slack or Discord?

Utku Uzun
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Luka Vasic
I used to have a team on Discord and my current team is on Slack. Personally, I love discord but I use it for fun with friends, and it always associates me with gaming or fun. Slack now associates me with work.
Utku Uzun
@luka_vasic I guess many people think the same. Including me :)
Chris Sarca
Neither, a few years ago we switched from Slack to Discord, and from there to Google Chat.
Utku Uzun
@chris_sarca I haven't used it, I'll try it right away.
Paul VanZandt
We use Slack and never really considered using Discord. I think Slack is just more professional and is really easy to integrate teams into.
Ümit Aslan
slack, but it stands with the employer (:
Sergio Zaciu
Slack for work and anything internal for the company Discord for speaking with our early supporters
Paul Mit
@szaciu Thanks! Do you think that slack is not suitable for communication with early adopters?
Adriel Cruz
I use Slack for work as for Discord I use it for casual talk with friends or playing games.
No, we are using our tool Firmao CRM
Gurpinder Singh
Our team is currently using Slack.