Does it still bring value to be 2nd or 3rd product of the day on Product Hunt ?

Arun Pariyar
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You didn't get the πŸ₯‡ title but may be you came close πŸ₯ˆ & πŸ₯‰ product of the day. Does that still bring value to a Product. Please share your thoughts or experience ✨


I think so, being 2nd or 3rd does not mean being bad, but just that there is a launch that interests the community more
Arun Pariyar
very humble way of looking at it thanks @fares_aktouf
Daniel Engels
absolutely. Any position in the top5 is a success and brings visibility.
Anastasiia Holiachenko πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
We were in the 6th position. Did not get any reward but it was still a really good launch! We got noticed by many people. Our product is B2B and we got 15+ demo requests during the week after the launch. Also, we were featured by PH in the newsletter and on Twitter. So, yes, it's totally okay even not to get any reward. But try to do your best!
Arun Pariyar
Thanks for sharing your launch experience @anastasiia_holiachenko. I am sure the readers will appreciate this because it brings bigger picture and helps people understand the benefits of launching on PH πŸ‘
Lucian Tartea
@anastasiia_holiachenko Backing this up. A PH launch brings in valuable traffic even for lower places. I had products on 3rd and 9th place and were both lucrative from my perspective
Sudheer Bandaru
@anastasiia_holiachenko Wow! Congrats on a super successful launch
Yunus ErtΓΌrk
I think the important thing is how many people your product could reach. The badges are cool, yes, but at the end of the day, you must reach the people and earn clients or users.
Arun Pariyar
hi Indeed @yunuserturk a lot of people don't realise that PH is a great way to bring exposure and be able to reach the right people. Thanks for you comment πŸ‘
Lucian Tartea
Of course. I had a 3rd place product and the PH launch brought in many visitors. 10x more than a regular week. Also a couple of sales. It's worth it even for lower places
Arun Pariyar
Glad to hear that you had a positive outsome from your launch @luciantartea. Thanks for sharing πŸ‘
Fabian Maume
Actually even being in the top 10 will give you some value: - It should still give you a spike of 100 to 300 visits on your website - It gives you a do-follow link from product hunt.
Daniel Weisman
I heard that the goal should be first page... but I really don't know.
Arun Pariyar
Thanks for commenting @danielweisman , i hope this discussion will help you get informed. I am definitely getting to know more πŸ˜„
Paul VanZandt
I think it does especially because these products get almost as much visibility as the #1 slot. I'm not sure how it compares in terms of interactions but I don't think it's anything to scoff at.
Arun Pariyar
You are right about that @paul_vanzandt exposure wise all products launched get the same amount of chance for interaction. That it itself is the advantage of launching on PH for sure πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ
Launching on Product Hunt always provides value even to products that might not be anywhere near the top of the list. The launch process makes Makers really think about their brand and any result shows how much interest there is or isn't based on so many factors that even a "bad" showing on PH can be used to make the product, branding, and communication better. Sometimes, failure is the fastest way to learn.
Arun Pariyar
Hi @cortney_nickerson, this is probably the best way to look at the Product Hunt Experience. Thank you for sharing your insight πŸ‘
Dylan Merideth
I would take anything close to the top 3, its a great opportunity to see if you have a conversion friendly setup and to watch traffic move through your website
Arun Pariyar
Hi @dylan_merideth, I am yet to be on the other side as product maker just yet but I am starting to see what you have mentioned here. It is indeed a great platform to get early adopter and generate product value πŸ’ͺ
Dylan Merideth
@arunpariyar Couldnt agree more, its a soft intro to putting yourself out there as well, really enjoying seeing everyone on their own journey.
Nabeel Amir
Yes; being second or third product of the day on Product Hunt does still bring value.
Arun Pariyar
Good to read your view @nabeel_amir I think so too :)
Kazimieras Melaika
I think top 5 is the goal for everyone. Brings the most visibility!
Arun Pariyar
Hi @kmelaika, top 5 spots does sound valid, the 24 hours is a fierce battle after all πŸ˜„