Does having a popular 'hunter' actually makes a huge difference on the launch?

Arpit Mishra
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While I do understand that having a popular Hunter (Not denying the contributions) helps in the early traction. But, does it usually makes a huge difference. Are there examples, where product launches had been successful without awesome hunter behind it.


Rucha Joshi
In my personal experience launching Thursday and other products here, we were able to do quite well (top 5) without a popular hunter. I think the other preparations like your network, contribution on product hunt etc matter more.
Fabian Maume
Hunter helps but it isn't a requirement to be successful. Followers of the hunter will get a notification about the launch, which is always nice to have. If you are looking for a hunter check out:
Sergio Zaciu
I'm very curious about the details of picking a hunter. How do you choose a hunter? Where do you start looking?