Do you waste a lot of time trying to find business connections?🤔 Yes, or No and Why?

Isaac Hernandez
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Let me your answers in the comments.


Matthias Strodtkoetter
No, I don't. The reason is simple. Don't "find business connection". It's not fun and it doesn't work. Plus, your connections will be with low commitment. Instead, as you go through life, build meaningful relationships with the people you meet, especially the ones you find to be great people. When you interact with people, try to be valuable to them, try to make them have a good time, try to connect around meaningful topics. Do this long enough and you will have a really powerful "network" with high-commitment individuals. This is the really valuable thing and it doesn't come over night.
Isaac Hernandez
@matthias_strodtkoetter I completely agree with part of what you say, but imagine someone that needs urgently a co-founder for example because that person doesn't know anything about coding or the business part, how do you pretended that people wait a long time until finding someone meaningful. You're right with what you say, but this is not always the case because maybe not everybody has the same opportunities as you to go out and meet with people, I don't know is just something hypothetically. And you can't say that the connections that someone can find online will be with low commitment, I think you're wrong with that. I don't know if I explain well what I'm thinking (It's just a simple discussion for share our different opinions, thanks so much for your comment brother)😂😁
Richard G
@matthias_strodtkoetter Agree.. also, business connections and business relationships are two different things
Isaac Hernandez
@matthias_strodtkoetter @nftpedia Explain me the part of business relationships and business connections are different things, please.
Sarah Naik
no , i dont like wasting time
Isaac Hernandez
@sarah_naik So that means that you don't network with others?
Ruslan Rayanov
I am developer of web-constructor. On my site, I write content exclusively by myself, making sure that it is useful for my clients in terms of understanding and developing IT projects. And I can say that my content helps me to find business connections. Because thanks to him, I am being approached.
Isaac Hernandez
@falcon_space Yeah is a good way to make connections, but the point is if it takes you too much time to find a connection or no.
Ruslan Rayanov
@isaac_hernandez1 Well, I am not a proponent of sprinting in general, even if it is a one project. Since I am engaged in platforms, I also orient clients that this is a long marathon. Of course, I will not receive 10 customers the day after the publication. But for each published article, I attract a reader for several years, and among them there are already customers.
Maya Ben Zid
No one cares about what you do. People only care about themselves. If you "try to find connections", just don't. Let them FIND YOU. If you give a solution on how you can fix a common problem for your business target demographics, they will come to you. So keep your connections with the people you already know, do some marketing, and just sit back and wait ^^
Isaac Hernandez
@maya_ovice How much time an entrepreneur that has a family need to wait to get results with his business? Or to get a partner to accomplish a specific work inside the company for example?
Akash Sasmal
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Like others mentioned, professional connections are byproducts of consistent effort at providing value. It's not something you do purposefully. I think it's best we focus on what we can offer and if that leads to a strong mutually beneficial relationship then that's that.
Pulkit Zaveri
No mainly because I dont see it as wasting my time. Creating and expanding your network is something everyone should do. It not just helps you generate credibility but also creates a pool of people you value in time when you need them. This can be hiring referrals, business advice etc. anything
Isaac Hernandez
@pulkit_zaveri1 I completely agree with you is something that everybody should be doing for the same reasons that you mention. How much time do you dedicate weekly to expand your network connections? And what is your process to do it so?
Pulkit Zaveri
@isaac_hernandez1 So do it mainly through linkedin. My goal when I sit to do it is "I want to talk to 5 People who ate smarter than me". 1) look for people who you admire in your field and who they follow (this can be founders, marketers sales leaders whatever) and send connection request. 2) When doing research or attending a webinar or consuming any content, if you feel that this person has something valuable to say and that can bring you good value then look them up. Send a connection request saying how you found them etc. 3) just reach out using filters - I needed someone advice while setting up a tool. I just searched for people who had mentioned that tool in there bio. and sent them a request saying I needed some advice. 4) you can join slack communities that relate to the field you are interested in and meet a lot of people there. I spend about 30 mins on the first one. others are ad hoc hence I don't have a specified time.
Isaac Hernandez
@pulkit_zaveri1 Amazing! And how often do you do this whole process?
Alexa Vovchenko
Yes, I used to waste a lot of time on LinkedIn trying to create some connections. As a result, I'm still doing this but instead of trying to approach more people I concentrate on smaller amount of those who found it mutually valuable.
Isaac Hernandez
@aleksandra_vovchenko Why you were wasting a lot of time trying to create some connections?
Gabriel Lakshmi
Yes it is!! Can we just like be each other's business connections?
Raghav Goyal
No actually - I truly believe forming human connections are the strongest way to - personally as well as professionally - In fact, making the right connections has saved a lot of time and effort.