Do you use any Copywriting Tools?

Gert Schepens
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Hi all, I'm working on the copywriting for my company and was wondering if anybody is using any tools that make this job easier, and if so, which ones?


Maciej Cupial
They are many, and I use from time to time.
Gert Schepens
@maciej_cupial Thank you for sharing! What of its features do you find the most useful one?
Ira GI
Copywritely Wordcounter Verbix Words To Use Sharethrough Headline Analyser
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
1) Hemingway editor - great at showing readability of your sentences (although don't get stuck on trying to shorten everything) 2) Grammarly - notices small mistakes and either automatically corrects them or underlines a word that needs improvement 3) Semrush and Ahrefs - my two loved SEO tools that help with keyword analysis 4) VeryGoodCopy - not a tool, but an amazing learning and inspiration source. I receive the newsletter with these micro articles, and feel like they are a crucial tool for my copywriting now:) P.S. The creator is Eddie Shleyner @verygoodcopy, found the tool thanks to PH and LinkedIn:)
Eddie Shleyner
@anna_mandziuk thanks so much for the shout -- I'm glad it's been helpful to you! feel free to hmu anytime and happy holidays :)
Shlomo Genchin
Hey, Gert, a bit too late but here are my favorite ones: 1. OneLook Dictionary The dictionary of all dictionaries. Look for a word and see for yourself. 2. The Measure of Things Find comparative measurements (e.g., forty tons = 6.5 elephants). 3. Reverse Dictionary Search for words by their definition. 4. Ludwig Guru Search engine for sentences. Not sure if your sentence makes sense in English? Look it up. 5. Related Words Find words that are related to a specific word or phrase. Great for mind mapping. 6. Text Ranch Human proofreaders will proofread your text in minutes. Works 24/7. 7. Idioms by The Free Dictionary Find idioms. https://idioms.thefreedictionary... 8. Power Thesaurus My favorite thesaurus. It can also find idioms and phrases. 9. BlaBla Meter Shows you how much corporate and marketing bullshit hides in your copy. 10. The Phrase Thesaurus Find phrases related to your topic. 11. Pun Generator Type in a word and get puns. 12. Lose the Very Replaces “very + adjective” with a stronger adjective. 13. RhymeZone Not only rhymes. Try the Phrases, Mentions, Lyrics, and Similar Sound features. 14. Spruce by OneLook Find quotes, lyrics, proverbs, and jokes. 15. Tiny Budhha The best place to find quotes on any topic. 16. Describing Words Find the right adjective for any word. 17. Capitalize My Title Convert any headline to title caps, all caps, and more. 18. Squibler The Most Dangerous Writing App. Don’t stop writing, or all progress will be lost. 19. Urban Thesaurus Find slang words related to your topic. 20. Moby Thesaurus It’s a thesaurus. But it’s kinda weird and different. Pretty inspiring. Hope that helps :)