Do you think that showing your face in the content you create is essential? Why is that?

Marlet Kervolin
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Being in front of a camera is not always easy for everyone but I have the impression that showing your face allows you to be more credible and to have more proximity with your client. What do you think about it?


I believe that you don't need to show your face for your content to go viral. But you do need to show your face if you want to continue creating content as people are more likely to follow a person they can relate to. For example, when I find a well-written article I would read it and share it with friends regardless of whether is written anonymously or not. However if it's written anonymously the person will lose its chance to have me as a follower.
Natalie Karakina
@footer agree with you Also, for example, on social media – I want to follow a real person, not a corporate account
Iliya Valchanov
I think it is easier if you show your face because: 1) As Amin suggested it is more relatable. People generally seem to prefer this kind of videos 2) Showing your face is an entry barrier. There are many smart people who are uncomfortable showing their face on camera. Therefore, if you show your face, you are already ahead of them.
Fabian Maume
If you are working with video content I would recommend not to show your face. That allow to remake professional voice over later on.
Urvi Patel
When we are on screen, it may reflect us, our purpose & our genuinity. It also help us to connect easily, built the trust factor, create a bond and help people relate and remember us and our content impactfully. But, it has some cons too. Confidence and genuinity should be on point to avoid the risk. To gain that - First practice in front of mirror and then the camera. - Practice with your eyes closed to feel your content. - Then record yourself by looking exactly into the lens and speaking confidently. Good luck!
IMO Depends on who you are and how you present yourself. For some it creates an advantage, for others its a disadvantage. But in general I don't think its neccessary. I've read books and watched YouTube videos of people I've never seen. It lets me generate their persona in my head (which is usually better than irl lol). Just don't underrate text and voice compared to picture.
Vijaya Jeyakumar
It is important! It builds ownership in the content that you are sharing. This will add to the quality of the write up. The last you want is to share crappy content and plaster your name on it.
Marlet Kervolin
Alright ! Thank you all for your precious advice ! :)
Jing Hu
I think it really depends on the product. Not so much for B2B (I think... ), however showing faces is so important for a lot of D2C business... including the one I'm building. But I'm very bad at showing faces 😜
Marlet Kervolin
@jinghu Even in B2B, I think people will prefer to know who is behind the company Me too unfortunately 😆
Kim Lining
It depends on your content.
Pallavi Jaisinghani
Yes it adds to the credibility & also, why not let the writer be at the forefront of their creation.
Romain Cernik
People trust people, not only software or whatever ! For me, it's a good idea to show who are behin the company