Do you think that online networking events work?

Ludovico Petrali
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Many events are still online or mix-modal. I personally think that online events do not work for networking purposes. They are great if you want to listen to a specific speech and learn. But nothing beats in person connection…what do you think??


Siena Romes
I've seen a lot of companies try this when the pandemic happened. At first, it was not that effective. But now, people are getting used to it. Some mix up in-person and online networking events into hybrid events.
Tania Kot
I think if you do regular, consistent events, there will be a good result. I also consider online events good for outreach purposes and it's a great reason to take a step towards new relevant acquaintances. For example, you invite smb you don't know and no matter if they visit an event, the invite is already a good start.
Sergio Zaciu
I'm very much a face-to-face person when it comes to meeting new faces and find anything screen-related to be very off-putting and disingenuous.
Maya Ben Zid
Absolutely. In the beginning of the pandemic you'd have to get used to them but now we got a lot better at both hosting and participation. We host a lot of online events in oVice ( and see that people are generally excited about networking online. Also, the ability to meet people from all over the world is an added benefit.
Ludovico Petrali
@maya_ovice Totally agree on the power of virtual connection to meet people from all over the world - don't get me wrong, the pandemic teached us that online events-networking is crucial, however It's just easier for me to build a relationship if I am able to speak in person