Do you think that No-Code is the future? Why do you think so (or not)?

Philipp Stelzel
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Shrutika More
Hi @philipp_stelzel I think now also we have certain websites for eg- web flow which helps to make your website without coding, even it is quick, easy and affordable, you can save a lot
Maxwell Davis
I think the wave of nocode tools will be like what Frontpage and WordPress did previously - it'll open up a lot more opportunities for people that aren't as "technical" to build. Developers will progressively change their roles to more advanced features, integration etc.
Philipp Stelzel
@maxwellcdavis I agree a lot, tech will open up even more, but that will also mean that the market for developers will rise. E.g. Wordpress made it possible to create websites for everybody, but in order to have a great website, you still need customized plugins or widgets
Maxwell Davis
@philipp_stelzel Exactly and this is where I'm at - as a non-technical founder I can easily create a WP site but there are things that I want to do that need some kind of customisation, and that's usually because there is no plugin or it's not easy to do!
Dalibor Houfek
It is not realistic to cover all functions and use cases without code. You would have to solve all current and future problems. However, it is good for specific problems that are clearly defined. A more realistic way is to combine no-code and code to get flexibility. There are low-code platforms like Outsystem and Jetveo that combine low-code and classic development. Which gives you more freedom to solve even complex problems.
Jayendra Gaonkar
I think it's because businesses want to reduce the manpower!
Simeon Ivanov
I voted no taking into consideration the current concept. Apart from the project that got me involved with ProductHunt, I work as a Microsoft consultant, so I have extensive experience with their power platform. In their strive to substitute code with more interactive, more intuitive means, they actually make the development process more time extensive and more fragile in terms of bugs. Bugs which are a lot harder to catch and diagnose. The learning curve will also surprise you. No code is the future in many terms but not the no code we know from Microsoft, Wix and others pushing it. Not in the form we know today. Nice discussion though. My 10 cents on the subject.
Ruben Lozano
Hello Philipp, Yes, as a no-code skills person, yes the no-code solutions are the future for most of the people that we don't have that knowledge. However, I am learning some code skills because I think it will be useful in some specific scenarios where you need to know how things work. It is like a yes but no. hahahaha Cheers,
Philipp Stelzel
@rubenlozanome I think the same, code people will always have an upper hand, even when working with no-code tools!