Do you think social media is “toxic”?

Gurpinder Singh
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People who don't use social media as a tool to learn, earn and inspire others would probably think that social media is “toxic”.🤦‍♂️ It might just be the accounts you follow? What do you think?


Sergio Zaciu
haha yes, but I still use it xD
Sonia Kost
In my opinion, social media is what we make of it :) Using all the tools by Twitter, Instagram, or (less so) YouTube you can shape your timeline and followings just the way you want! If you follow toxic people, then of course social media would become toxic for you, but that could happen in real life as well if you meet toxic people 🤷‍♀️
Chen Friedman
Welp, if we have to generalize - of course it is. It gives platform to many people who want to watch the world burn instead of giving something good to it. However, want it or not, we are all in some kind of bubble - so the better maintained your bubble is, the more you can get from it and therefore social media could be really useful in your life. I totally understand people who are all against it, but there's definitely more than black and white in there.
Denis Pimenov
Yes and no. Social media, like many other things, have both positive and negative sides. Social media can contain both negative, degrading content and positive, developing content. It is also important what kind of content the person himself is drawn to.
Sean Song
No,social media is not "toxic" by itself. The way user use it, consume it, view it could be "toxic".
Siena Romes
Generally, yes. It depends on how you use it.
Qudsia Ali
I would like to disagree with you. Yes, it is toxic, not because people don't use it productively, but because social media and its algorithms are designed to be toxic. It spreads disinformation and portrays a false sense of reality that detriments the mental health of its users.
Sandra Djajic
Yes and no. It definitely has the potential of being toxic! It depends on the user and their intentions.
Nikola Cvetkovic
I think it is toxic in general, however if one takes time to filter the things that appear on his feed, it can definitely be very useful.
K. Leigh
Not inherently, but the way the platforms amplify the most incendiary positions? Yes. We have a lot of GIGO in our algorithmic social media platforms. Technology-level, user-level and more. That has to go before we can make them the best tools possible.
Rafay Nadeem
Misuse of anything is toxic.
Aleks Dahlberg
The way people use social media is toxic in some regards (what/how they share things), however social media as a product or media source is not toxic.
David Casson
Of course, regardless of whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter, you will find a few toxic people everywhere. You just need to ignore them and find the good in social media.
Seda Ergün
Without a doubt, yes. In recent years, social media has become an inherent part of our lives. It is indeed useful, but we also need to understand that it's becoming toxic with each passing day. Malicious comments that probably happen to many of us and that we sometimes ignore can cause some sensitive people to experience a psychological crisis. At this point, Socialays: Social Media Guard, ensures that everyone has a kind of private security that can be accessed for free. This application, which is compatible with Android, aims to protect everyone from social media cyberbullying, from young to old. All that needs to be done is to connect social media accounts to the application after downloading the application. Socialays: Social Media Guard analyzes and categorizes hate speech and malicious comments after connecting to social media accounts, and then these comments are automatically hidden. The app blocks individuals who are “cyberbullies” on social media. This provides further protection for people who are subject to further cyberbullying. -Play Store Link:
Stefan Heisl
I count on people have different opinions about social media specially based on their personal experiences and the type of content material they have interaction with. While some people may additionally find social media a valuable machine for learning, earning, and inspiring others, others may find it a horrible and toxic space. It is important to apprehend that social networks are not good or horrific in themselves, as an alternative how we decide to use them and the bills we subscribe to can considerably affect our experience. Ultimately, we ourselves should use social media in a way that advantages us and the people round us...What do you think? As for me, an instance of a good information portal: