Do you think NFT is a scam?

Joseph Kopp
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We know, The liquidity of NFT is very poor, often generating huge losses, and the price of a single NFT is very expensive It is a game for the few, and only makes the rich richer So, do you think NFT is a scam? If NFT is like an emoticon, users can send NFT emoticons. And NFT emoji can be split into countless Tokens (the person who owns the Token can have the right to use the NFT emoji) So that NFT has 1. Usage scenarios 2. increase the frequency of transactions 3. broader consensus scenario Also solves the defects of emoji in web2 1. The creator does not get value 2. The disseminator does not gain value either Translated with (free version)


Emma Jackson
No NFT is not a scam. But you can say many fake websites available in the market that are scamming the people but I found a best site for nft. And one good thing is he is providing free service it's name is
Luisa Lu
It's worth remembering that minting a work of art as an NFT is not the same as owning intellectual property (IP) on it. With OpenSea's beginner-friendly software, anyone can turn any photo or image into an NFT, whether or not they own the rights to that IP. Fraudsters can easily steal an artist's work and open a fake OpenSea account, where they will auction off the fake artwork. This will make your NFT practically worthless once the community finds out it's a scammer, and there's no way to get your money back. It just so happens that blockchain and the ability to remain anonymous has opened the gates to hell and most all projects are scams NFT Profit in more detail on this website. Figuring out if a project is a scam or not is not that easy
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