Do you think NFT has a good future ?

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considering the way NFTs have been losing value , do you consider it to still be something that will bounce back in a big way, or is it goodbye to NFTs ?


Ezzat Suhaime
I’ve always thought it was a bubble. I do agree that there are really effective uses (signatures, legal documents, etc.) but monkey pictures do not provide much value to the world.
agreed @ezzat . It is actually difficult to wrap my head around the astounding sums of money that people are willing to pay for such pics
Luka Vasic
The thing they are mostly known for now (pictures) is not the use they were meant for. The future use is for legal documentation IMO and that type of stuff. I also saw a post a few days ago that said NFTs should change their name because currently NFTs are associated with emojis, and monkeys...
Good point @luka_vasic . I also feel like a "re-branding" or renaming would be really beneficial to separate the solid implementations from the ones that are purely speculative in nature
Robert Dcosta
Yes, people were skeptical about bitcoin in the beginning too
Joseph Kopp
@robert_dcosta Crypto Markets Don't Need a Second Bitcoin Bitcoin is gold What is nft?
Qudsia Ali
I believe NFT has a bright future. However, there are several challenges ahead. This technology will have a bright future if we can address the counterfeiting problem and remove the regulatory barriers to NFT transactions. We hope that more individuals will trust this technology and use it daily.
earl motley
Yep, its probably the future. As there are many people make successful career because of this. Like friend of mine start website related charity nft and he earn pretty much.
I think yes. I just read a book by one famous expert in the NFT segment of cryptocurrency and he said there are a lot of opportunities for NFT to develop. Can someone suggest a good starting platform to launch my artwork collection for sale?
Billy Armstrong
@metaflower There are a lot of good platforms to start from out there on the internet. I personally started from platforms with guides, they are inactive now. But my friend recently started from and he said it was to easy to figure out what to do because of guides on website. So I think it will be the perfect option for you. And remember you can only sell artworks, that are totally created by you or the other author is don`t mind about selling. Otherwise, you may be in trouble with the law!