Do you think news and politics are too prevalent on social media?

Nicole Ogloza
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Nikhil Bapna
Yes and No. I think at this point people are done with the politics and news because it seems they all have an agenda and aren't honest.
Nicole Ogloza
@nikhilbapna makes a lot of sense. Thanks. Where is politics/news apart of your 'yes' ? Where do you think it's too much?
Sergio Zaciu
Also yes and no. A lot of folks want places to engage, but also places to retreat from politics. It’s pretty hard for me to narrow my social media intake to avoid politics when I want that retreat, or turn it up when I want to engage. We built a social app for short video film & tv reviews, and it’s pretty apolitical right now. I think it helps that the form factor itself is light, and that people’s entertainment preferences don’t line up easily with politics. It’s harder to form consistent camps, and it’s pretty silly to do so anyways. That helps _me_ with disengagement, but activism on social media is hard, because it often feels like fruitless virtue signaling. The counter to that is platforms like GoFundMe. Dollars count!
Husein bhinderwala
If you think about it, its the perspective you have currently since you may be reading news on social media to stay abreast in this critical point in time. I'm equally guilty, my social media is filled with car part company's!!
Solomon Bush
Everything is political as soon as there is a difference in opinion. Politics are unavoidable with social platform. Social media algorithms are, (should be), designed to find what we want and then feed us that.
Qudsia Ali
As someone who monitors social media, we have noticed that the political status quo has permeated almost every newsfeed. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all currently saturated with political debates and opposing sides of seemingly every issue.
Pablo Fatas
What do you define as politics? I don’t think there is an issue with the type of content as much as the actualy content itself. A lot of online news is complelty made up and used by someone with an agenda. So I there is definitely too much misinformation but I don’t think there is too much news/politics
Paul VanZandt
I don't think they're too prevalent because they allow people to engage politically that wouldn't be inclined otherwise. The beauty (and potentially harm) of social media is it's an algorithmically created reflection of what you want to see - which means you can curate it to show more/less of this content.
Kazimieras Melaika
It depends. Your news feed depends on what you're following so basically - if you follow news portals or politics then yeah, there's too much politics and news. If you're following what's the most interesting for you, your business, work, and hobbies then well, you can have a pretty decent news feed without too much politics and news. Although you probably won't be able to completely avoid this. Btw, we’re launching in late April or the start of May. Check out our upcoming PH page: Our project is called: Effecto. It’s an app for detailed health tracking. Pretty much for everything that is related to your physical or mental health and every daily factor that can affect you.
I think nonsense is what is most prevalent. I mean: - If you know what the truth is and you say it, you are speaking truth. - If you know what the truth is but you say something different, you are lying. - Yet if you do not know what the truth is, you do not care to find what the truth is, but you still have an opinion about something based just on what you saw, watched or read about it on the web, you are speaking nonsense.