Do you think it's high time that companies started giving period leaves?

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Good question. But the problems of a period are mixed, not every woman experiences pain. So while not mandatory, they could make some adjustments towards it. Like flexible work or a one day leave if they should with 'on-call' availability if needed. Or increase the number of sick leave for women etc. But I guess most us manage with panadol on those days unless the condition has worsened for GenZs.
@gogloballakshmi Totally understand your point. I think making leaves optional is a good idea. If a woman feels the need for rest, she can use the period leave quota.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
We do not experience periods the same. Some are perfectly fine during their periods but can also suffer from PMS a week before. Periods can influence productivity, so we should normalize them in companies. Maybe a calm WFH day or sick leave for those having stronger pains.
Angi Bowman
This is why I like what my company does. It's not limited to period pain though. We have flex days that let us dictate where we work, whether that's during the worst part of your cycle or from your backyard or wherever. It's been a nice way to expand flexibility to everyone while maintaining an in-office team.