Do you think Facebook/Instagram ads are getting costlier?

Gurpinder Singh
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Vedran Rasic
YES. That's the nature of the game. More competition, less real estate to market to, and voila. The price always goes up if the platform is popular.
Jonas Schaller
i really think facebook and instagram ads arent the thing anymore, new platforms like tiktok outperforme them
Lisa Murphy
If I think too much, then both of them are very good platforms, but I am currently busy in american marketing association. But I would definitely like to talk to you.
Qudsia Ali
Yes, they are. Due to the increased number of advertisers willing to run their ads on these platforms, the cost of running ads has increased immensely.
zaved sadek
Yes. i am now thinking of alternative of Fb Ads
Gurpinder Singh
@zaved_sadek_chowdhury What other platforms you are going to consider?
zaved sadek
@gurpinder_singh not sure. Going to use YouTube ads for traffic.